Kindred Summer

Kindred Summer


Kindred Summer is now a Proset (a preset with a profile!)

Kindred Summer is the hottest preset in our Seasons Bundle. With a punchy contrast and vibrant colors, she is hard to resist. Don't worry, skin tones still take the front seat, in your face color doesn't have to mean unrealistic skin tones. This tool has a clean and cool highlight and midtone, keeping colors true every step of the way.  

You will receive Kindred Summer and The Kindred Summer Profile with 10 powerful quick adjust buttons for the best skin tones, color and detail retention.


Highlight Save - Takes the punch out of your whites and highlights.
Softer Summer - Softens Tones and Contrast

Softer Skin Saturation - Is your client suffering from fake tan skin, even if they didn't pay for one? This button has your back.
Cruel Summer - Fever dreams are high with this button. Summer's a knife with these intensified colors and contrast.
Summertime Sadness - We've got that summertime sadness, right here. Pull down the vibrancy of your colors with one click. 
Less Blue Please - As advertised 😉 
Less Green Please - As advertised 😉 
Hot In Herre - Looking for hazy summer shadows and underexposed film vibes? Nelly knew you would be...
Sharp Attack - The truest fear we've never experienced...along with quick sand anyway. Sharpen your file to the gods with one click! 
Add Grain - As advertised 😉  



This product includes Kindred Essential and Kindred Essential Low Contrast with 10 additional quick fix buttons. Compatible with Adobe LR Classic version 7
or higher, Lightroom CC, and ACR.

click to see the difference!

  • Unedited

  • Kindred Essential

  • Kindred Technical

  • Kindred Spring

  • Kindred Summer

  • Kindred Fall

  • Kindred Winter

  • Kindred Aura

  • Kindred B+W

  • Kindred noir

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