Kindred Fall

Kindred Fall


Kindred Fall brings crisp contrast, cool shadows, and extra warmth in the highlights to your images that make everything feel like the best season of the year. We love the warm golden skin tones that Fall gives with ease. The richness of color and vibrancy aren't lacking with this preset. Unlike Spring, Fall can use a little less contrast from time to time but is a rich and true-to-life workhorse. Known for deep color, beautiful greens, and gorgeous skin, you'll be sure to Fall in love.

You will receive Kindred Fall and 10 quick-fix tools:

Decrease Blue Tones
Contrast Drop Fall
Color Pop Fall
Push it (+1)
Push It Real Good (+2)
Softer Greens Fall
Cooler Greens Fall
Warmer Greens Fall

Shadow Lift Fall 
Increase Grain Fall


This product includes Kindred Fall and 10 quick-fix buttons. These presets are compatible with Adobe LR Classic version 7 or higher, Lightroom CC, and ACR.

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  • Kindred Essential

  • Kindred Technical

  • Kindred Spring

  • Kindred Summer

  • Kindred Fall

  • Kindred Winter

  • Kindred Aura

  • Kindred B+W

  • Kindred noir

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