Kindred Technical

Kindred Technical


Kindred Technical is now a Proset (a preset with a profile!)

Kindred Technical is the problem solving tool of our preset lineup. Armed with a beautiful base for any edit and paired with six situation based adjustment buttons (tungsten light, direct flash, etc.) and a stunning profile made to elevate skin tones and lift your images to the next level. If you are needing a strong foundation to a tricky edit, OR you just love the cooler highlights and muted but strong contrast of Technical, this baby is for you!

You will receive the Technical Preset, The Kindred Base Profile and 9 quick adjust buttons for the best skin tones, detail retention and contrast elevation. 


Natural Light
Bounce Flash
Direct Flash
Tungsten Flash
Fluorescent Flash
Harsh Directional Light
Reduce Highlights
Flatten Blacks
Add Grain



This product includes Kindred Technical and 9 Quick Fix Buttons. It is compatible with Adobe LR Classic version 7 or higher, Lightroom CC, and ACR.

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  • Unedited

  • Kindred Essential

  • Kindred Technical

  • Kindred Spring

  • Kindred Summer

  • Kindred Fall

  • Kindred Winter

  • Kindred Aura

  • Kindred B+W

  • Kindred noir

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