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How can I contact customer support?

It depends on the online course platform and the instructor's policies. Some platforms offer lifetime access to the course materials, allowing you to revisit the content whenever you want. However, other platforms may have time-limited access. It's best to check the course details or reach out to the instructor or platform support to clarify the access duration.

I lost my presets! Can you help?

Absolutely! Please email us at or fill out the form above. Include anything you can that will help us verify your purchase (order number, email address you used, etc.). Once we've verified your purchase, we will set you up with a fresh copy of your presets.

I need help editing with the presets.

We gotchu! Email us with the form above or directly at with 5 RAW files and the name of the preset you need assistance with, and we will send you a video walking you through how we would approach editing with your images.